Quality, environmental protection, occupational safety – we leave nothing to chance.

Whether it concerns quality, environmental protection or occupational safety – our company is consistently oriented towards process safety and continuous improvement. We attach great importance to clear rules, personal responsibility of employees and certification.

Our management system meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 (quality management), ISO 13485:2016 (medical devices) and ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management).

Systematic quality planning is already decisive in the offer and series start-up phase. Test plans, test procedures and test equipment as well as error catalogues and work instructions are defined together with the customer, thus minimizing any measurement or evaluation uncertainties.

At the start of production, the initial sample inspection (EMPB) or production part approval process (PPAP) ensures that the parts produced meet all customer requirements.

Depending on the requirements, additional quality methods such as FMEA (impact analysis), SPC (statistical process control), MSA (measurement system analysis) or PCA (process capability analysis) are used in series production. Qualification and validation processes for parts used in medical technology are standard for us.

Our goal for all customers is process-safe and error-free production.

The quality of the measuring and testing equipment is crucial to the quality of our precision parts. More than 26,000 measuring and testing devices are in use at our company. They are regularly checked and maintained in clearly defined calibration cycles in our own company or by external calibration centres.
The appropriate process is used depending on customer requirements and part specifications:

  • Optical inspection methods, including electronic image processing
  • Palpatory testing of roundness, contours and roughness measurements
  • 3D measuring machines for complex part measurements
  • Conventional measuring equipment such as digital callipers and micrometres – with interfaces to digital data recording for SPC evaluations
  • Coating thickness test using the X-ray method
  • Hardness tests


Depending on the requirements and needs, further measuring and testing methods are applied; the measuring and testing results can also be specifically reported on customer request.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of environmental performance and compliance with the law. Possible environmental impacts are continuously monitored and reduced to a minimum.

Our most important contributions to environmental protection:

  • Thanks to a technologically advanced heat recovery system, the majority of the waste heat from the production machines is reused for heating or cooling the production rooms.
  • We get part of our energy requirements from green electricity from 1to1-energy.
  • Regular investments in the reduction of energy consumption (building insulation, new windows, new boilers, etc.)
  • The machining chips from our production are sorted and recycled centrally according to material type. In this process, the residues of the cooling lubricants are removed from the chips, filtered and returned to the production cycle.
  • To protect the environment, the rinse water is completely treated in an automatic circulating ion exchange system.

The health of our employees and occupational safety are our top priority. Whether to prevent and reduce risks or to improve workplaces – we regularly invest in occupational health and safety:

  • Work clothing, safety shoes and protective equipment for all employees
  • Central oil mist extraction for a significant improvement in working conditions
  • State-of-the-art building services guarantee constant room temperatures all year round for optimum working and production conditions.

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