Innovation, precision and enthusiasm is what drove Samuel Laubscher 175 years ago. He invented one of the first machines used to machine-produce turned parts. A lot has happened since then. Over the last 20 years in particular, Laubscher has invested heavily in new production buildings, machines and plants as well as in the further development of production expertise. The central impetus for our activities has remained the same: the love of precision.

Today we are one of the leading and largest companies in our industry in Switzerland: 240 employees, 500 machines, 22,500m2 production area, >200 million parts per year.

Four key characteristics and competencies make us stand out:

Our customers can be demanding. Since its foundation in 1846, Laubscher has been rooted in the pursuit of the highest quality and precision. In cooperation with our customers, we develop efficient manufacturing solutions that meet the highest demands. For us, reliability is the basis for good cooperation. We supply our customers with consistent quality and on the agreed dates. As a thank you, we enjoy many long-standing customer relationships – some of which have lasted over 100 years.

For years, we have delivered consistent quality in very high quantities. This is made possible by stable production processes as well as measurement and testing methods applied on a case-specific basis. We create the necessary technical conditions for stable (manufacturing) processes: new machines and systems are qualified and validated, our 26,000 measuring instruments are regularly calibrated. With statistical process controls we have an overview of the production process and can document it at any time. Nothing escapes the watchful eyes of our well-trained staff. With systematic spot checks or full inspections they guarantee that our quality meets the high demands of our customers.

Parts as small as crumbs and precision within a hair's breadth – Laubscher is the right address for tiny dimensions. We manufacture the smallest part sizes and work to tolerances of a thousandth of a millimetre. With materials that are difficult to machine, we sound out the limits of what is possible in this field. Not only is the production itself a challenge, the handling is too. Years of experience and specially designed fixtures ensure optimum handling of the smallest parts along the production chain.

Laubscher is a strong partner for demanding precision parts and system components. Thanks to the wide range of production processes, we manufacture complex parts ready for installation. Our expertise covers much more than precision décolletage. Under one roof, we offer various production techniques, surface treatments and other downstream processes through to assembly. The interaction of our departments guarantees the highest quality in all processes and reliable delivery dates.

«Reliability and the pursuit of continuous improvement go hand in hand at Laubscher - and always in partnership. The excellent supplier evaluation every year is no coincidence .»
Supply Chain Manager, Inhalation Device Manufacturer


We consider the needs and requirements:

  • of our customers
  • of our employees
  • of our suppliers
  • of our shareholders
  • of the environment
  • of the society

The consistent focus on outstanding product quality and excellent service ensures sustainable benefits for our customers. We are committed to the continuous improvement of environmental performance and compliance with the law. Possible environmental impacts are continuously monitored and reduced to a minimum. In this way we make a significant contribution to environmental protection.

Learn more about our values and our organization:

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