In everything we do, our customers are the focus of our attention. The possibilities technology provides have fascinated us for 175 years. We want to use it to inspire our customers and enable their success in the market – no matter how complex a project is. We have partnered with renowned watch brands for decades.

The perfect screw head

Haute-Gamme watches often provide a view of the movement. Optical aspects are therefore of central importance when assessing the quality of individual components of a movement.
This also applies to watch screws and the head of the screw in particular. The perfect screw head is smooth and shiny like a mirror. The process leading to this result is called "poli bloqué".
In recent years, we have worked with our customers to step-by-step industrialize and perfect this process.
In countless trials we have tested a wide range of polishing discs, polishing pastes, adhesives, cleaning media and machine settings in various combinations.
Today, we have the optimum process parameters for different types of screws and customer requirements and can manufacture them with process reliability.

"We know no compromise when it comes to quality. Together with our suppliers, we strive for perfection. With Laubscher, we were recently able to improve the process of poli bloqué."

Smallest screws in large quantities

For one of our customers we produce over 50 different types of screws every year. The smallest screw has a head diameter of 0.4 mm and a total length of 0.6 mm. The production of such small precision parts is extremely demanding.

Each of the up to 20 production steps has its own challenges. For example, just packing the small screws into bags of 100 pieces is more complex than one might think. Even slight vibrations or a strong draught influence the accuracy of the counting scales, which leads to inadmissible quantity deviations during packing. In addition, the bags are gassed so that the screws do not corrode, i.e. the bags must be absolutely airtight.

In addition, the bags are gassed so that the screws do not corrode, i.e. the bags must be absolutely airtight.

«We have been working with Laubscher for over 100 years and appreciate their high reliability and delivery performance.»

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