It was the pioneer Samuel Laubscher’s vision to produce the perfect watch screw for the watch industry. In the 19th century, Laubscher developed a lathe which made it possible for the first time to manufacture a watch screw completely in one operation – a milestone! Since then Laubscher has developed significantly. What has remained is its close cooperation with the prestigious Swiss watch industry – there are over 100 years of partnerships with numerous customers.

Watch screws and other watch parts are often so small that they are hardly visible to the naked eye. Watch screws play an important role in ensuring that a movement can display the famous Swiss punctuality and run accurately for decades. Industry experts claim that Laubscher is the best in the field of watch screws. Of course we like to hear that. In any case, we have over a century of experience and cover the entire production process in-house.

« Watch screws are one of our core competencies. The smaller the screw, the more exciting the challenge.»
Besim Dzemaili
Head of the Décolletage Department

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