Inspire customers

In everything we do, our customers are the focus of our attention. The possibilities technology provides have fascinated us for 175 years. We want to use it to inspire our customers and enable their success in the market – no matter how complex a project is.

Inhalation device – quality en masse

The meaning of "quality en masse" is clearly demonstrated by one number: 680 million. This is the number of parts we have produced for this device since the start of the project.

With consistent quality and over many years, of course. Qualified machines, validated production processes and automated testing procedures guarantee a reliable production process that aims for zero defects.

This is how we ensure that the quality of our parts meets the high demands of our customers.

«Reliability and the pursuit of continuous improvement go hand in hand at Laubscher - and always in partnership. The excellent supplier evaluation every year is no coincidence .»

Manufacturing partner for medical device

Our customer – a young, innovative medtech company – was looking for an experienced, ISO-13845-certified manufacturing partner for its medical products.

The hip operation device, consisting of five assemblies and over forty individual parts, places a wide range of demands on production. As a contract manufacturer, we can cover the entire value chain from a single source: turning/milling, cleaning, surface treatment, welding, assembly, quality control and process documentation.

The ramp-up and growth phase in the medtech industry is often lengthy and unsteady, demanding a great deal of flexibility and long-term, entrepreneurial thinking from the manufacturing partner.

«We have been working with the Laubscher company for several years. It is a reliable and suitable partner who supports us in our growth strategy.»

Miniaturization – Closure system for veins

A group of five rotating parts ensures that a closure system for veins is functional. Thanks to the wide range of machinery, Laubscher offers the optimum production method for each part.
Parts must meet the highest standards in terms of surface quality and cleanliness. For this reason, precision manufacturing is followed by a series of further operations, such as electrolytic deburring or passivation.
Such processes are particularly delicate when the part size is small. They succeed thanks to specially developed process methods and constant cooperation between the departments involved during production.

«Thanks to many years of experience in the watch industry, Laubscher has clear competitive advantages in the miniaturization and production of very small parts.»

Miniaturization – Hearing aids

Hearing aids were once bulky devices that nobody liked to wear. When Andy Rihs contacted the Laubscher company in 1966 at just 24 years of age, the future Phonak, or today's Sonova, was still in its infancy.
Rihs and his business partners focused on the miniaturization of hearing aids. At Laubscher they found the necessary expertise for the production of the smallest parts.
Today, Laubscher works for almost all major hearing aid suppliers worldwide.

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