Inspire customers

In everything we do, our customers are the focus of our attention. The possibilities technology provides have fascinated us for 175 years. We want to use it to inspire our customers and enable their success in the market – no matter how complex a project is.

Membrane for Ad Blue pump – "Quality en masse”

Only with a perfectly cylindrical membrane can the pump be optimally sealed and efficient. At the same time, quality fluctuations in the material always present production with great challenges. In order to be able to realize the inner cylinders within the required tolerance, the membranes are honed after turning.

During production and during subsequent honing, critical mass is checked with regular measurements and recorded using statistical process control. An automated full inspection on the honing machine completes the monitoring of production.

«Laubscher convinces as a reliable, flexible partner with a high level of manufacturing know-how.»

Locking technology – complexity

Thanks to Laubscher's precision, the key turns easily in the lock. For decades we have been manufacturing components for Kaba lock cylinders (now: dormakaba). The field of application ranges from front doors to prison doors.

The production of the more than 250 article variants places high demands on planning and logistics. Items are requested in very different quantities and at very different intervals. Our modern machinery enables flexible production variants. Together with optimal stock management, we can guarantee a constant readiness to supply across the entire range of items.

«We have been working with Laubscher for many years. In addition to quality and delivery reliability, we particularly appreciate the clear and direct communication.»

Hydraulics – complexity

The hydraulic valves for agricultural machinery are designed for use that really pushes the limits. They must withstand enormous forces as well as extreme temperatures and dirt. At the same time, the parts must be very precise in order to guarantee the functioning of the valve.

The demands on the parts are accordingly high: the precision fit requires very tight tolerances and perfect surfaces. The load capacity requires thermal hardening of the parts. Combining the two is very demanding, because the change in dimensions caused by thermal processes must be anticipated during production.

«Laubscher's high level of manufacturing know-how and the great vertical range of manufacture are the focus of our long-standing cooperation.»

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