When it comes to precision turned parts, Laubscher plays a crucial role. For 175 years we have been supporting a wide range of customers from various industries. The focus is always on high-precision and often complex small and very small parts and system components, whether they be for the automotive industry, hydraulics, locking technology, armaments, electronics or other industries.

Laubscher is a strong partner for demanding precision parts and system components. Thanks to our wide range of production processes, we manufacture complex parts ready for installation. Our expertise covers much more than precision décolletage. Under one roof, we offer various production techniques, surface treatments and other downstream processes through to assembly. The interaction of our departments guarantees the highest quality in all our processes and reliable delivery dates. We are often involved in the development phase of new products or the optimization of an existing range. This is how we can help find the right solutions with our customers both in terms of cost and functionality.

«Our parts are often invisible and inconspicuous - but indispensable for good functioning. Customers trust us because we offer reliable solutions, even where it is not visible.»
Urs Maurer
Sales Manager, Laubscher Präzision AG

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